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List of Special Topics for Training

We are constantly adding to and updating our topics and will revise this list regularly. A sample of some topics is available below.

Boat Charter arrangements

GST & Vouchers

Carry Forward Losses – Companies

GST – An Overview

Carrying on a business

Issues with Trusts

CGT Main Residence Exemption

New Imputation System

CGT Rollovers

Non-commercial losses / Hobbies

CGT Small Business Concessions

Part IVA

Consolidation Regime - Overview

Personal Services Income

Debt / Equity Rules

Salary Packaging

Debt Forgiveness Rules

Simplified Taxation System

Division 7A & Section 108


Deductibility of Interest

Tax & Motor Vehicles


Tax Issues on Termination of Companies

Fringe Benefits Tax

Tax Planning

GST – What is an Enterprise?

Taxation of Expatriates

GST & Going Concerns

Taxation of Inpatriates

GST & Reduced Credit Acquisitions

Trust Loss Provisions

GST & Residential Property

Uniform Capital Allowances

GST & the Retail Industry

Value shifting provisions


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