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List of Special Topics for Training

We are constantly adding to and updating our topics and will revise this list regularly.  We have over 50 special topics and we are constantly updating these topics to take account recent law changes.  No every topic will be up to date as law changes occur too regularly but we endeavour to update all topics on a cyclical basis.  The topics take the form of either technical papers or detailed case studies.  A sample of some topics ofered by us is set out below.


Carry forward losses - Companies

Tax Agent Services Regime

Carrying on a business

Issues with trusts

CGT Main Residence Exemption

Imputation system & company tax rate

CGT Rollovers

Non-commercial losses

CGT Small Business Concessions

Part IVA

Backyard Developments

Personal Services income

Debt/Equity Rules

Salary Packaging

Debt Forgiveness Rules

Small Business Entity Regime

Division 7A


Deductibility of Interest

Tax & Motor Vehicles


Tax issues on termination of companies

Fringe Benefits Tax

Tax Planning

GST & Going Concerns

Trust loss provisions

GST - An Overview

Uniform Capital Allowances

Trust distributions case study

Value shifting provisions



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