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With the constant barrage of new laws, rulings and announcements it is essential to be aware of these changes so that clients can be properly advised. Therefore regular tax training is becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. The key is to ensure the training is practical, and can be easily understood by you and your staff. We pride ourselves in our reputation for presenting our tax sessions in a practical, and easily understood manner. Tony Evans, our Tax Training Director, not only trains, but consults to accounting practices on a daily basis. Therefore, he is alert to the issues you and your staff face, and incorporates these into the sessions, giving you practical solutions.

We offer a variety of training options for your practice or business.  Sessions range from monthly or two-monthly Tax Updates to training sessions dedicated to special topics. A combination of both can easily be arranged. The sessions include practical case studies, examples and exercises to ensure your staff can apply the training to your clients.  Notes are provided to you electronically in advance so that you can prepare prior to the session and get the most out of it.

Training prices start from $1,760.00 (inclusive of GST) for a two-hour session. Should you book and we deliver six or more sessions in one calendar year the price can be further reduced to $1,350.00 (inclusive of GST) for each two-hour session.  Prices will vary depending on the timing of the session, the volume of sessions booked, your location and the level of preparation required by our trainers.  The sessions occur at your premises to minimise disruption to chargeable time.

To review the topics currently available, our standard terms and conditions or to make an enquiry or booking please click one of the related links on this page.

To review a recent sample of our monthly tax update notes please click here.


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