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Tax Consulting Services

With the increasing complexity of our tax system, accountants and other advisors are turning to specialists to assist in working through the maze of the income tax rules. We provide a boutique service to accountants and advisors in practice by cost effectively assisting them. Our services include:

  • A telephone advisory service in which you are charged on a time basis and can get quick answers to those regular tricky questions that arise without spending several hours researching an answer.
  • Advice in writing by email or letter on more complex issues.  We do not provide quotations but can provide a reasonable estimate of fees.  We charge purely on a time elapsed basis at our standard charge out rates..
  • Meeting with you and/or your clients to discuss and explain complex taxation issues affecting them.
  • Quality review services on advice provided by your practice.
  • Research of complex areas to assist you and your clients.

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Importantly our advice is practical, easy to understand, technically correct and extremely cost effective compared to the large and mid-tier firms. Our technical edge is maintained as we provide tax training services in addition to tax consulting. We also regularly attend tax discussion groups and subscribe to up-to-date tax information databases.

The areas of income tax consulting expertise offered by our firm are extensive and a list of specialisations can be accessed from this page. Please also read our terms and conditions under which we provide our services.
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