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Client Protection Guarantee

Our Guarantee to Our Clients

Our firm offers tax consulting and tax training services to accountants and other advisors in practice. More importantly, we are not looking for compliance work and our practice focuses on tax training and tax consulting only.

Accountants and advisors in practice can come to us in with full confidence that we are not interested in wooing their clients to our firm.  Our primary focus is to provide our clients with the accurate and technically correct specialist advice.  Subject to our primary focus being complied with in first instance, we guarantee that we will help reinforce and protect your relationship with your client in the provision of our advice to them through your firm. This makes our firm uniquely different to most other specialist tax consulting practices.

We want to build long term relationships with tax agents in practice. We want to be a trusted advisor helping you build and maintain your practice through the provision of high quality specialist advice. We do not want to jeopardise our relationship with our tax agent clients by approaching their clients.

Whether we deal with your client independently on your referral, via you and your staff and even in situations where your client is unaware we have assisted them by providing advice to your firm, we guarantee not to approach your client in relation to other services. We will also inform you if they approach us and assist where possible in helping you retain that client if this occurs.

We can only provide this guarantee where we become aware of the client through providing services to your firm or they become aware of us through the same connection. We do provide some consulting and training services to business taxpayers and will continue to do so where the connection has not arisen from the provision of services to your firm.
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