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Just Tax Update

This monthly newsletter is available via subscription for on forwarding to you for your clients. We take some of the hard work out of keeping your clients informed on the latest tax developments by providing you with a publication which can be customised under your banner or letterhead.

When you subscribe for this publication, you also receive “cheat sheets” which assist your staff with any client queries resulting from the newsletter.

Whilst the name of this publication is licensed for use, you are not compelled to use our name and can substitute your own name to the publication when sending it to your clients. However both the name and the contents are subject to copyright and can only be used by entering into the licensing agreement with our company.

The publication is sent out to you early each month via email in a format easily adaptable for your use.

Previous editions of JUST TAX UPDATE can be downloaded for evaluation in “pdf” format from this page. It you wish to subscribe to this publication please click here.

The current fee for an annual subscription to JUST TAX UPDATE is $275.00 including GST. This covers 11 editions provided from February through to December.

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