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Trading Terms

Terms & conditions of engagement


The full terms and conditions of our engagement are set out below and in the following statement:- (Statement of Taxation Services)

By engaging us to provide taxation services you acknowledge and agree that you have read and agreed to our Statement of Taxation Sevices which can be downloaded by clicking on the above link as well as the following.


Currency and caveats place on our advice


Generally, advice provided by us reflects the state of the income tax provisions as at the date of that advice unless indicated otherwise.  Should the laws be subsequently amended, the advice may require amendment at that time.  The client should monitor any law changes that arise after the date of that advice and seek additional advice at that time where necessary.  We will not and are not obliged to contact the client in relation to the specific advice should law changes arise. 


Unless specifically mentioned in any advice, we will not considered the application of the general anti-avoidance provisions in Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (“the 1936 Tax Act”) in the advice.  We do note that these provisions are quite wide and may strike down arrangements of a contrived, artificial or blatant nature which are put in place for the dominant purpose of obtaining a tax benefit.  Similarly in relation to GST, we will not consider the application of the general anti-avoidance provisions of Division 165 of a New Tax System (Goods & Services Tax) Act 1999 in the advice.


Unless referred to specifically in the advice, we will not address any other State or Federal income tax matters in the advice and further advice will need to be obtained in relation to other taxes if required.

Our trading terms set out further limitations which may restrict our exposure even further depending on the nature of the advice provided and these terms should be reviewed. They are set out below


Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd operates as a Chartered Accountancy practice and is a registered tax agent.  Readers should note that any advice provided by the firm is only an opinion based on the professional knowledge and experience of the author of that advice acting in his capacity as an employee of Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd.


Gustax Consulting is not a registered financial advisor and is not licenced to provide financial planning advice.  Where applicable, we recommend that our detailed tax advice is provided to the licenced financial planner acting for your clients to assist them in providing relevant advice.


Application of Tax Agent Services Act 2009


Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd is a registered tax agent in accordance with the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 which commenced operation on 1st March, 2010 (Registration No. 74375-009).  The company and its officers undertake to the best of their ability to comply with the detailed Code of Conduct set out in this Act at all times.  As we are a tax agent, you can rely fully on any advice provided by us in compliance with meeting your (or your client’s) tax affairs as appropriate to the extent that advice relates to those affairs (and only to that extent).  This advice is unique to the taxpayer(s) it is provided to and cannot be utilised for any other taxpayer(s).


Where appropriate, we will assume that you have obtained your client’s written consent to provide confidential information to us in order for any advice to be provided, in accordance with the Code.  We are not required to check to ensure such consent has been obtained.


We are entitled to reasonably rely on the information provided to us by other registered tax agents or their representatives and will only question or challenge that information to the extent it is not reasonable or consistent based on the taxpayer’s circumstances and compared to other information provided.  As registered tax agents, you have an obligation to provide us with accurate and sufficient information for us to provide our advice to you and your clients as appropriate.


We cannot be held responsible for the advice provided where relevant and consistent information has been provided to us and ultimately this information proves to be inaccurate.

Relevant Trading Terms

For convenience we have decided to publish our trading terms. These are split into four categories:-

All of these terms and conditions can be downloaded from our website in “pdf” format by clicking the respective buttons above. Because we provide advice by various methods, i.e. email, telephone, face to face and / or in writing, we have some very specific terms of trade and these are detailed in the attached documents. We recommend that any clients using our consulting services download and become familiar with these terms.

Professional Indemnity Insurance


Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd operates under the limited liability scheme offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (Victorian Division) and carries professional indemnity insurance cover of $1 million in accordance with the scheme.  This is the maximum extent of our exposure under this scheme (the actual exposure may be less depending on the fee charged for this service) and no claims in excess of the coverage provided by this scheme will be recognised by Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd or their officers.


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