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Angst Update

This publication updates readers on the latest developments in the Australian GST law providing practical examples of how it will apply to high value and irregular transactions.  It highlights inconsistencies in the law as well as traps to avoid when dealing with one of the most complex Goods and Services Taxes in the world.

Its aim is to highlight tricks, traps and planning opportunities in relation to Australia's GST.  Written in an easy to understand format, it provides beneficial information to taxpayers and advisors alike.

This publication can only be obtained by enrolling on our email mail list or by downloading copies once published from this website.  To guarantee receipt of this publication, please subscribe by clicking here.

Editions of "ANGST UPDATE" are subject to copyright.  Whilst they can be obtained by email from our company or downloaded from this site, they cannot be reproduced, copied or distributed in any way in part or in full without the written permission of Gustax Consulting Pty Ltd.

The 2004 and 2005 editions of ANGST UPDATE can be downloaded in “pdf” format from this page. For prior editions please contact our offices or e-mail us via this website

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