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For more information on the specific services offered by our firm click on the links listed on this page.

We provide specialist taxation consulting and taxation training services for tax agents and other professionals under the Australian taxation regime.  Our background in practical accounting as well as specialist taxation means that we can provide training, as well as accurate advice in an easy to understand format.

Clients can use us for training, and / or consulting. 

We do not have the high overheads of the mid-tier and top four firms making our services affordable and value for money.  Tony Evans, our principal advisor, has diverse tax knowledge and specialisations (unlike advisors from larger firms who quite often have a narrow tax specialisation and focus) and we can see the big picture as well as the detail when providing tax consulting advice.

It should be noted that we are not licenced investment advisors and do not provide investment advice. We do provide advice on structures and may provide taxation advice as to the impact of the structure on various different investment returns. However in all cases we are only providing taxation advice and strongly suggest and recommend that persons obtain independent investment advice before choosing to invest in particular investments.  Where appropriate, our taxation advice should be passed on to a licenced financial planner to assist them in providing their advice where our clients use a licenced financial planner.

We do not provide advice in relation to the application of State taxes and narrow our advice only to Federal taxes.  We no longer provide advice on international taxation for entities or in relation to the application of the SIS Act.

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